Gas safe Portfolio - On site portfolio building from only £99 + vat per day

Gas Safe Corporation are experts in Gas safe on site portfolio building which is required for you to become a Gas Safe Engineer and register with the Gas safe register.

What most New Entrant gas safe engineers experience is that it is simple to book a Gas safe training course with a Gas safe training provider to start your journey into becoming a fully qualified Gas safe engineer, but when the first part of the New entrant training course is complete you are required to complete an onsite gas portfolio of evidence with a Gas safe registered engineer to the required onsite portfolio evidence.

This is not practical as many Gas safe registered engineers do not have the time or expertise to help you with your on site gas Portfolio building written paperwork and Gas safe portfolio building photographic evidence Sheets.

Gas safe corporation engineers have many years’ experience in Gas safe portfolio building and onsite gas experience and have helped thousands of New entrants to become Gas safe registered engineers.

At the Gas Safe Corporation our engineer’s job is YOU and ensuring you are SAFE to become a Gas Safe registered engineer and we help you get your Gas onsite portfolio to the required level that your Gas training centre expect before you sit your ACS exams.

Course Structure

Gas safe corporation will provide you with an Experienced Gas safe registered on site portfolio building engineer who will work with you on a day by day basis helping you obtain your onsite evidence to enable you to become a Gas Safe Registered engineer after successfully completing your ACS exams with a Gas training provider or Gas training centre.

As there are a number of Gas training Providers and Gas training centres all registered with different Certification bodies with so many different gas onsite portfolio building task sheets it is easier to book one day or one week at a time and tick off the required Gas portfolio onsite building tasks that are required for you to go on and sit your Gas ACS exams.

In our experience most New entrant Gas engineers complete their Gas onsite portfolio building Minimum Task list within 15 days set by most Gas training providers and training Centres.

You will meet the Gas safe registered Engineer at one of our meeting points at a set time and go out in the engineers on site gas portfolio building vehicle, using their tools under the instruction of the Gas Safe registered engineer who will help you complete your Gas on site portfolio to the required standard to enable you to go on and sit your Gas ACS exams.

At Gas Safe Corporation we want to help get New entrant Gas engineers into the industry and ensure they have the correct knowledge to become a Gas safe registered engineer.

We Provide Gas safe on site portfolio building in the following locations,

LONDON Gas safe onsite portfolio building
PORTSMOUTH Gas safe onsite portfolio building
GUILDFORD Gas safe onsite portfolio building
SOUTHAMPTON Gas safe onsite portfolio building
CHICHESTER Gas safe onsite portfolio building
BRIGHTON Gas safe onsite portfolio building
FAREHAM Gas safe onsite portfolio building
HAMPSHIRE Gas safe onsite portfolio building


Payment can be made by Debit or credit card or direct in to the companies bank account

You can book and pay for one day at a time for only £99 + vat per day



If you require any additional information about any of these courses, please feel free to contact us on 08444 935079 where staff are on hand 7 days a week to answer any additional questions or Email:


The full portfolio package for just £995!